Centring the Vomit

Wei-Chi Su 2022

3 June – 10 July 2022, Eusebius church

This work is exhibit in the State of Fashion Biennale 2022 | Ways of Caring - Exhibition Fashion as Encounters, under the theme Coexisting Knowledges.

Coexisting Knowledges rethinks formal ways of production and distribution of knowledge. We invite you to question the hegemonic view on western science and start comprehending the multiple and incommensurable ways of knowing. It is an encounter to decentralise education and experiment with educational practices, creating space for diversity and enabling plural worldviews to coexist. There are many ways of understanding, teaching and researching that deserve recognition. Within fashion, clothes carry pieces of information that are not always on the surface. We would like to shed a light on the ways of making threads, colouring, and weaving this fabric of knowledge together.

Centring the Vomit is a project that has a decolonial approach, challenging the cultural hierarchy in fashion design education. This project provides people, especially fashion students, with a self-organised educational method raising awareness of the dominant Eurocentric perspective.

© 2022, Wei-Chi Su.