Centring the Vomit is a decolonial project that contains a handbook, a series of workshops-Aesthesis ≩ Aesthetic and sensory documentations. Together, this project aims to provide people, especially fashion students, with a self-organised education method that will help to raise the awareness of the dominant Eurocentric perspective. As well as offering the audiences a guide on how to approach decolonial ways of design. It is set out to offer a decolonial approach to challenge the cultural hierarchy in fashion design education. Adopting a feminist sensory orientation and an anti-capital feminist approach that both emphasise the role of lived and embodied experiences, I reorient aesthetics to a personal one and encourage a better understanding of common differences. A feminist self-organised educational method not only stimulates consciousness and encourages building solidarity among fashion students but also calls for attention and response from the fashion institutions.

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